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Fic for Fic for Femslash Feb?

I think I’ve got too much on my plate (again) to really do everything I want for Femslash Feb because I’m useless. What I’m planning to do, if anyone wants to play along, will be a matching drive?

So… the goal of Femslash February is to write (or otherwise create) 2 or more femslash works in February.

If any of my followers or fandom friends want to take up the challenge, then the idea is that I will match you. Assuming it’s a pairing or fandom I can write I will also create an additional work for your fave pairing/s – I won’t do them in Feb but I will do them by the end of 2017 – so the aim is that not only will you have created a work or three for your fave pairings in February but by the end of the year so will I (for the same pairing if I can). Double the femslash!

Would anyone be interested in this? 

Clexmas Claim

Sex, Lies, and Space Stations (14412 words) by KittyAugust

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Smallville, DCU (Comics), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Marvel 616
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor (Clex)
Characters: Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora (Marvel), Angela (Spawn), Cosmo (Marvel), Nerri (Farscape), Hal Jordan, Granny Goodness
Additional Tags: Kidnapping, IN SPACE!, Space Opera, Snark, Language Kink, Identity Porn, President Lex, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Marvel Cameos, Clexmas, Knowhere (Marvel), DC New Gods, Apokolips


Clark gets kidnapped, taken into a distant solar system and tied to Lex Luthor. Getting out is just the start, and getting home might bring more than anyone bargained for.

(Sex, Lies, and Space Stations)


2016 AO3 Stats & Fic Round Up

Total 2016 Word Count:  81,372 (+10k~ in unrevealed non-AO3 fests)

Total 2016 Hits: (AO3 only) 20,431

Other 2016 AO3 Stats: Kudos: 1282; Comment threads: 181; Bookmarks: 184; Subscriptions: 91. About 15/1 hits to kudos.


Total 2015 Word Count: 177,649

Total 2015 Hits: (AO3 only) 66,429

Other 2015 AO3 Stats: Kudos: 4357; Comment threads: 400; Bookmarks: 444; Subscriptions: 113

Originally posted on Tumblr. Hopefully the links still work.

Links and titles to 2016 works

2016 Fic ListCollapse )QuestionsCollapse )

Where is the Kitty?

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up to various wonderful creators and mods involved in the various fests I've thrown my hat into this holiday season. I will have very limited availability from 19 Dec to 5 Jan. I will have net access but I have family staying and a few other things during that time period.

Basically if you have made me something and it gets posted in those times I may be a bit slow to respond. I will respond though! I live for feedback too so I know how important it is, and I really love these exchanges so much. Your time, effort, and creativity will not go to waste! Trust me when I say I am eagerly awaiting your gift and really looking forward to letting you know how much I liked it once it posts. I will also try to catch up on general commenting as much as I can -- there is so much talented creativity abounding at this time of year, I can't get over it!

I am also on track with all my own gifts most of which are now submitted. Although I am still looking for betas for my clexmas (Lex Luthor/Clark Kent - 8k+ fic) and deancas_xmas (Destiel fluff, 2-3k fic) fics.



Post for the sake of posting...

Hello world!

I apparently seem like spam because I don't actually use LJ for anything other than fanfic challenges and such, so I don't actually post in my own journal. So, here I am posting a post.

I write, I read, and I cook. I have a cat and some doves. And a spouse whom I love and a job which I don't.

I am easily excited. I like to fangirl about things like femslash and crossover fic and other such things.

I post all of my fic on AO3 and have a separate pseud for femslash. I also have a Tumblr which I am also bad at using but I try!