Kitty fails at timezones!

So, my alarm just woke me up to sign up for hd_erised -- problem is I'm a day late! I paniced and thought they opened early... but no, I'm just a total ditz. Oh well! At least it'll be fun to read and I can throw myself into the other seasonal fests with gusto. I'm so annoyed at myself and/or my calendar.

Cheerleader/Beta for HD Cliche?

hd_cliche - a low stress, mini-fest celebrating well-loved cliches in the Harry/Draco Fandom!

So, I've signed up for HD Cliche Fests this year and as usual my ideas are overwhelming my actual abilities and I've made three starts with nothing much concrete. However, I like having a deadline and a beta always helps keep me focused.

I've claimed the following cliches:

Cliche Choice #1: Hogwarts professors
Cliche Choice #2: body!swap
Cliche Choice #3: scar!kink

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Daily Deviant Fic: In Deep (Daphne/Millicent)

Title: In Deep
Author: Kitty September
Characters/Pairings: Millicent Bulstrode/Daphne Greengrass
Rating: M
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Coitus a unda (AKA undinism): sex in/underwater
Other Warnings/Content: Curvophilia, finger fucking, PWP.
Word Count: 1200

Summary/Description: Daphne and Millie go swimming, and Daphne can't get enough of her gorgeous girlfriend. One thing leads to another.

Author's Notes: Thank you to LQ for the last minute beta! Her input helped flesh out this little ficlet and I'm deeply appreciative. Any remaining issues or errors are all my own.


DD Femslash Beta?

Hello lovelies,
Would anyone be keen to beta read my next Daily Deviant fic? It is Daphne Greengrass/Millicent Bulstrode, established relationship, underwater smut (coitus a unda (AKA undinism): sex in/under water) with a tiny side helping of curvophillia. 

It is due on the 24th (it kind of snuck up on me with work being evil) so a quick turn around this weekend would be amazing!

Thank you!

Thank you LQ! It is now much better  from a good beta read, and posted at Daily Deviant.

Writing Plans

Okay, so... for the rest of the rest of this year I'm going to focus on my own original fiction at least half the time. This is a fairly scary idea - not least of all because my primary writing motivation is comments and feedback, which I won't be getting while finishing this novel.

I'm just over half way through my 200k pledge for [Unknown LJ tag] and that has been almost all fan fic so it is time to pick up my novel writing game.

I am also going to try and follow through on my quality not quantity promise which I immediately failed at during the first few months of this year.

I'm planning to do the following fests and challenges:

I currently have submissions in or coming up in: [ profile] hp_3somes and [ profile] femmefest. I've also got a fic about to be ready for the [ profile] capreversebb. And I'll probably allow myself one additional femslash fest or bingo or something if one catches my eye at the right time and a very few short kinkmeme and [ profile] rarepair_shorts fills.

Apart from those fests I'll allow myself to add to Hunters and Hellblazers when I FINALLY catch up on the last entire season of Supernatural (oops).

I'll also post the sequel to Shadows of Seduction (which was last year's Erised fic); the working title is Secrets of Sedition and it's about twice as long as the original already, typical. I've also got a lot of work done on what was meant to be my DTH fic but life happened, so I may start posting that as a WIP but I'll try have it mostly finished before doing so. Everything else should be on my manuscript. 

Now I've told the world, I have to stick to it... or at least that's the plan. Knowing me, inspiration will strike at odd hours and my muse will run away with me again in who knows what direction, but at least I'm trying!

For me!

Recipient: [personal profile] kittyaugust (that's moi!)

Title: Timeless
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Pansy/Daphne
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 17,563
Warnings/Content: mild swearing, canon-typical violence, a wild disregard for the laws of time and space

Summary: Hermione would like to think that she was old enough and mature enough to have a handle on her temper, only clearly she didn't, because it was 1991 and she was eleven. Again. Over a stupid slur and Pansy Parkinson being her predictably spiteful self.
Notes: This was my first time writing femslash and my first time writing a threesome, and it was certainly an interesting challenge! I hope you enjoy the story, kitty :) It was good fun to write. Thank you Savannah for all your hard work and for all the patience. Thank you also to my beta Cali, for kicking my ass over my first draft and making me start over. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Read on AO3

I utterly adore this fic - it's one of the best gifts I've been given as part of a fest. The mystery author has managed to touche on so many of my favourite things. It is everything I love. The tropes, the twists, the writing, the pacing, the characterisation. It's mature and complex but nothing gets in the way of the story which is dramatic enough to carry its own without overwhelming what is a very well treated and delightfully realistic blossoming poly romance. Utterly wonderful.

Please give it a shot and go show the wonderful author some much deserved love: Read on AO3 it's brilliant.

My own fic for the fest is also up, over on the fest LJ, so maybe check out the fest and see if there's anything else that catches your eye too?

Daily Deviant Fic: Really Messed Up (Harry/Draco)

Title: Really Messed Up
Author: [personal profile] kittyaugust
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: claustrophilia: arousal by confined spaces
Other Warnings/Content: Handjobs, non-penetrative sex, semi-public sex, workplace sex, endytophilia (sexual partners who remain clothed), mild olfactophilia (smell/scent kink), some borderline negative self-talk, implied bottom Harry, turning trauma into kink.
Word Count: 1220

Summary/Description: Harry and Malfoy get a little messy in an MLE supply closet.

Author's Notes: Love and kittens for carpemermaid for reassuring my muse and ensuring my spelling and grammar isn't too atrocious.

This is my first official Daily Deviant fic, oh my gosh, etc!

Daily Deviant Link: Really Messed Up

PS: it's not actually that messed up for a kink fic, just messy.

Daily Deviant Beta - Found <3

Would anyone be interested in giving a quick beta read to my first official Daily Deviant fic some time this weekend? It's due to post on the 24th but should be finished and ready to read by Saturday night if all goes to plan.

It's Harry/Draco smut for the monthly theme of 'claustrophilia: arousal by confined spaces'. No major warnings apply so far -- unless you count blatant PWP and smut I suppose.

Error 404: Kitty Temporarily Unavailable

So - last week, in summary.

  • Mon: was okay, although I did have to work super late, I was lulled into false sense of security about it being a normal week.

  • Tues: my spouse rode into a car and hurt his leg but is otherwise okay. Still scary - this is his second car related incident in the last 6 months. Melbourne traffic is scary.

  • Wed: some unnamed and unknown person backed into our car which will now be in the shop for a week and insurance excess is almost as bad as the amount our premiums will be going up from losing our no-claims ever bonus.

  • Thurs: our brand new PS4 pro had a mortal malfunction, taking with it about 8 years worth of Diablo 3 grinding (for me, not my spouse because he had his backing up to the cloud but the settings hadn't carried over or something, and we've already wiped and sold the old PS4). This may not sound bad to some, but I nearly cried.

  • Fri: spouse got surgery and I've spent the weekend playing nursemaid.

AND... I have a job interview next Tuesday and forgot to go shopping.

Sorry I've been not around, life is kind of demanding my attention. I'm alright. None of this is tragic but I am stressed an a little bit more useless than usual. 

Fic for Fic for Femslash Feb?

I think I’ve got too much on my plate (again) to really do everything I want for Femslash Feb because I’m useless. What I’m planning to do, if anyone wants to play along, will be a matching drive?

So… the goal of Femslash February is to write (or otherwise create) 2 or more femslash works in February.

If any of my followers or fandom friends want to take up the challenge, then the idea is that I will match you. Assuming it’s a pairing or fandom I can write I will also create an additional work for your fave pairing/s – I won’t do them in Feb but I will do them by the end of 2017 – so the aim is that not only will you have created a work or three for your fave pairings in February but by the end of the year so will I (for the same pairing if I can). Double the femslash!

Would anyone be interested in this?