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For me!

Recipient: [personal profile] kittyaugust (that's moi!)

Title: Timeless
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Pansy/Daphne
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 17,563
Warnings/Content: mild swearing, canon-typical violence, a wild disregard for the laws of time and space

Summary: Hermione would like to think that she was old enough and mature enough to have a handle on her temper, only clearly she didn't, because it was 1991 and she was eleven. Again. Over a stupid slur and Pansy Parkinson being her predictably spiteful self.
Notes: This was my first time writing femslash and my first time writing a threesome, and it was certainly an interesting challenge! I hope you enjoy the story, kitty :) It was good fun to write. Thank you Savannah for all your hard work and for all the patience. Thank you also to my beta Cali, for kicking my ass over my first draft and making me start over. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Read on AO3

I utterly adore this fic - it's one of the best gifts I've been given as part of a fest. The mystery author has managed to touche on so many of my favourite things. It is everything I love. The tropes, the twists, the writing, the pacing, the characterisation. It's mature and complex but nothing gets in the way of the story which is dramatic enough to carry its own without overwhelming what is a very well treated and delightfully realistic blossoming poly romance. Utterly wonderful.

Please give it a shot and go show the wonderful author some much deserved love: Read on AO3 it's brilliant.

My own fic for the fest is also up, over on the fest LJ, so maybe check out the fest and see if there's anything else that catches your eye too?