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Kitty August

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Hello Livejournal,

I am very new to this platform, so sorry in advance if I mess up with the etiquette or the coding or get confused. I'm a total pain, sorry!

I am a multi-fandom, multi-shipping mess of a thing. See my AO3 for evidence.

I mostly write slash and femslash fanfic in the Supernatural (particularly SPN Femslash), Harry Potter, DC and Vertigo Comics (and related fandoms), and Marvel/MCU fandoms. I'm also active in Teen Wolf, BTvS, Dr Who, and a few others that take my fancy from time to time.

I have a tumblr: http://kittyaugust.tumblr.com/ which might be a quicker way to reach me.

I am very much over 18.

If we have any shared interests please feel free to add me on this or any other platform. I am a little socially awkward but I'm always happy to gush and chat about my fandoms and ships and femslash and such.


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